Added conspicuous international design prizes:


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Manufacturing Technology PrizeBuilding PrizeClothing PrizePattern Prize
Core Resources PrizeYacht PrizeInterior Furniture PrizeVehicle Prize
Photography PrizeCollege of Design PrizeDesigners' PrizeGood Prize
Greatest Products PrizeGreatest Architecture PrizeGreatest Art Pieces PrizeSeals Prize
DesignPreis PrizeHigh Quality Design PrizeOutstanding PrizeThe Best of All Prize
Professional Designers' PrizeChoice of Security PrizePioneers PrizeOffice and Bureau Prize
Financial Products PrizeEnergy Products PrizeEyewear PrizeArt Goods Prize
Cookware PrizeEducation PrizeExhibition PrizeAcademical Prize
Summits PrizeGray Goods PrizeBrown Goods PrizeDictionary Prize
WorldsBest PrizeFuturistic PrizeMathematics and Nature PrizeElectronic Goods Prize
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